He Papa Tikanga

  • Level 3
  • Home-based learning
  • 12 months - part-time
  • No fees

Programme overview:

He Papa Tikanga will give you insight into a Māori worldview. Learn about traditions, concepts, values and protocols and understand why Māori do things a certain way. Find out how to apply some of these concepts in your home, workplace and community. Challenge your thinking and reflect on your own beliefs and values and how they relate to those of other cultures.

Learn from home at your own pace with amazing resources and regular visits from a kaitiaki (support person).

You'll learn about:

  • basic Māori words
  • values and belief systems
  • Māori traditions
  • Māori in a contemporary world
  • Māori philosophies and protocols.

Where will this take me?

I want to keep studying

Increase your understanding by doing further studies in tikanga or te reo Māori.

I want to use my qualification

This knowledge will be an advantage when working with Māori and cultural organisations.

How you'll study:

This is a part-time programme that consists of 60 credits delivered over 12 months. Throughout the programme you will be required to complete set activities each week from home. These activities will take approximately 11.5 hours of learning per week.

All details regarding your learning are available within your kete which will be sent to you throughout the year.

Entry criteria:

To enrol in this programme, a potential student must:

  • be at least 16 years of age
  • be a New Zealand citizen (or citizen of Australia, Tokelau, Niue, Cook Islands) or permanent resident
  • reside in New Zealand

Kōnae Ako (Learning Modules):

Te Ao Māori | 15 Credits

Te Ao Māori literally means ‘the Māori world’ and refers to these areas: whānau structures within Aotearoa, values and beliefs, and tikanga and kupu Māori.

Te Ao Mārama | 15 Credits

Te Ao Mārama is about the world of understanding, which relates to physical and spiritual insight and ways of thinking by studying the stories of old, handed down from our ancestors and how these contain teachings that still apply to people in contemporary times. 

Te Ao Hurihuri | 15 Credits

Te Ao Hurihuri is about the contemporary world and what connects us with the practices of today providing meaning beyond ‘day to day’ activities. 

Te Ao Whānui | 15 Credits

Te Ao Whānui is about the wider world and the role Te Ao Māori plays within today’s society, the module looks at the influence of Te Ao Māori over the past 30 years. The importance of tikanga Māori within selected environments and how tikanga, te reo and things Māori are portrayed today. 

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